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January 17, 2022
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When you chose to deck up your living room in the much vaunted and well liked Tuscan style, the look will be reminiscent of central Italy’s gentle rolling hills, bright dawns, cool breezy balmy evenings and sunny meadows. The look is simple, and yet packs in a punch of gentle relaxation, cheerful brightness underscored by a distinct Mediterranean romantic hangover.

The distinctive features of a Tuscan styled living room decor are hand crafted pieces manufactured of wood. In case of table cloths, pillow cases and window curtains in your Tuscan styled living room, you can use textiles like cotton and lace which are light, airy, flowing and breezy and recreate the sunny romantic feel of Tuscany.

To authenticate the sun drenched living room feel of central or southern Italy, add some few old world touches to your living room through tiles, mosaic and ceramic. Let the walls of your living room be painted in creamy stucco or warm muted yellow or earthy rich oranges and reds. A definite must add on the walls, which can be the focal piece of attraction in your living room can be Tuscan wall hangings or Tuscan tapestries which are reproductions of famous paintings by renowned painters depicting Tuscan scenic beauty.

For more wall decor or as flower arrangement holders, you can make use of copper trimmed baskets and copper pots. You can also arrange terracotta pots in three-some groups and fill them out with fresh colorful blossoms and green foliage to bring in the sunny Tuscan outdoors into your living room. Rustic wall art can be created out of discarded iron pieces or black tinted wrought iron in intricate designs.

Another way to add an authentic Tuscan touch to your living room is to build a grotto out of a wrought iron archway and tall plants in an intimate and special nook of your living room. Table tops and the floor and coasters can be paved out of terracotta tiles and ceramic tiles that are mismatched or you can heighten the design quotient further by breaking up the tiles.


Source by Syifa Naila

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