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We, Ashu Creations, famous in the market with our online shop, named- House Art, which is loved for its exclusive range of Canvas Paintings, Abstract Paintings, Spiritual Paintings, etc. Our artists are the most crucial asset of us, leveraging on their creative skills, we are creating captivating paintings for enhancing beauty of homes, offices, hotels and many other places. We not just limit ourselves to designing painting at our premises, but we also render services like Canvas Paintings Services, Decorative Wall Arts Painting Services, Portrait Drawing Services, Jungle Wall Painting Service, etc. Every artwork of our company speaks about the talent which our artists have, its appeal is impressive and makes us get high appreciation in the market.

Wall Decor
Refurbish your walls with Wall Decor Paintings

The most important part of a home are arguably its walls, when it comes to home decor that is. After-all, your walls do make up the majority of your homes, no? They thus hold great weightage in deciding the overall look of your homes.

Here are some ways where in you can re decorate your walls-

  • Change the colors of your walls
  • Add an interesting wallpaper on one wall
  • Decorate it with wall sculptures
  • Add wall hooks
  • Hang vintage mirrors
  • Give it a compelling look with Tapestry Art
  • Give wall mounted bells a shot
  • Wall decor Paintings

Of all the possible options one has, nothing is simpler yet extremely efficient in refurbishing your home than ordering wall paintings online.

House Art gives you Value for Money

Whatever your range is, you can be rest assured that you will find superior quality products irrespective of your budget. Quality is never a secondary option at The House Art and the wide range of wall decor paintings and collections offered here make sure that no one leaves this website dissatisfied.

Framed Wall Art for your Homes

Your home is a reflection of your tastes, preferences and style. Just like people, each unique it its own right as it should be. So then why settle for generic paintings? Here are some of the compelling collections of wall paintings online that you can explore at The House Art-

  • Victorian Black & White Series
  • Framed Art Prints
  • Indian Bird Series
  • History of the Indian Attire
  • Blueprints & Maps
  • Vintage European Art
  • The Masters Series
  • Buddha Series

As you can see, there is something for everyone. If you prefer an old world charm than the Victorian collection is just for you; if you live by the ethos of peace and serenity then you should definitely give the Buddha series a try or perhaps you would prefer something quirky? Well in that case, it is best to go through the full series if framed art part, each is unique in its own capacity.

The range of wall decor paintings available online also opens up a lot of possibilities for gifting options. After All, what better gift for a housewarming party? Art at the end of the day, is one of the few things in the world which has the power to evoke a great deal of emotions. So come browse through art sourced from all over the world, for your pleasure.


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