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January 18, 2022
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How many times have you heard that.. “It’s all about the team”?

Or, how about, “You can have a so-so product, and with the right team it can be the best there is”.

Have you really stopped to make sure you understand what that fully means? In order to answer that, there are several more questions that must be considered first.

1. “Team Building” and “Team Dynamics”, are yours really the right mix?

2. Is anyone in your company looking at hiring and team building “whole-istically”?

3. Does everyone flow like clockwork or a well oiled machine together?

4. Is the “leader” of your team(s) really a leader, manager or dictator?

5. Does your recruiter or hiring manager, hire people or build “team dynamics”?

6. Does your recruiter, HR person or hiring manager “really” know about every job they are hiring for as well as the dynamic of manager and team the person will be working with?

There are many more, though will stop there for the moment not to overwhelm you with questions.

Bottom line. Products and services, simply do not sell themselves, nor do they manufacture themselves, as much as some like to believe. People do.

Without the “right” people, team dynamics and leaders it is simply a daily struggle to make things happen.

Recruiting and hiring is a fine art. It is defiantly not for the faint of heart without backbone. Hiring is also not for the inexperienced manager to do and true “leadership” is not browbeating dictatorship.

If any of the above are doing your hiring, recruiting or leading, guaranteed your “HR issues” will be horrendous and day to day “make it happen” dynamic simply does not naturally flow.

Have you ever been on a team that absolutely and simply just clicked? Everything happened like magic, easily flowed, and the dynamic of the people involved was simply brilliant. Things almost seemed to move forward and be accomplished at what felt like mach speed.

Then one person left the team to take a promotion, or was pulled to another department to put out a fire, or left the company for another job. Someone else was then “imposed” on the team and it never worked the same again.

This “Team Dynamic” can happen by accident or it can happen on purpose. For companies and senior management sake, on purpose is much better.

Unfortunately, for far too many companies, it happens by accident or by individuals independently internally seeking out others they know work together well as a team, typically, sometime way down the road. Many times, they make a move to another department when an opening comes up because they know the “team dynamic” is much better there.

So what do you do to make this happen “on purpose”?

In my book there is 1 very simple starting point answer:

1. Make sure your Senior Management Strategic Planning team knows what the “real” end goal is. Are we looking for people to maintain status quo with minimal growth or are we looking for people to help drive the company forward quickly with rapid growth? These are two very different types of people you would hire to handle these situations.

If your company is in start up and/or continual rapid growth you also need to stop and take a breath on occasion no matter how brilliant your quick, rapid growth teams are.

Just like race horses, they need a gentle walk around the track for a bit, rest for a bit, then go back at it again. The best leaders know how to keep business rapidly growing as well as giving their leaders and teams short breaks and rest. And please do not confuse this with holidays or days off work.

The leader who knows and understands this clearly and closely works with both Senior Management Strategic Planning team and very closely works with Recruiting, HR and hiring managers, are the leaders with the top performing, very best, dynamic companies, top down and bottom up.

Having had the pleasure and very grateful to say I’ve worked very closely with a few “True Leaders” and hired a few “True Leaders” as well as having put together and lead highly successful and very dynamic teams over the years. Have also been in situations of “wrong people” for the team imposed on me to deal with and sort out. Much prefer the first.

“Dynamic, Whole-istic Team Building” is one of the most beautiful things you can build for your company (at every level), so the right people can properly get on with their jobs of manufacturing and selling your amazing (or so-so) product(s) and/or services.

Off to another “Dynamic” adventure to help a manufacturing start up company build and develop the right team.

Perhaps next time we should talk about how to accomplish this in 1% unemployment situations?

Until next time…Smart & Happy Team building to you!



Source by Lorrie A. MacGilvray

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