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July 4, 2022
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If you’ve been perusing the stores for artwork to add to your home, you may be a little bit frustrated with the pricing most art retailers are offering. Sure, the pieces are beautiful – but do you really want to pay hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars for artwork? Sometimes, it simply doesn’t seem like it’s worth it. Although the artwork is stunning, it doesn’t add that personalized touch to the home that so many homeowners strive to create. Instead of searching endlessly for a piece you like at a price you can afford – turn to some of these creative options:

1. Any craft store sells items called “shadow boxes” that are basically frames with some depth to them. They’re perfect for displaying pictures or even ticket stubs and the best part about them is that you can throw in other mementos to create an even more unique and personal piece. For example, if you have a prized set of ticket stubs from a big baseball game, add a baseball and a few pieces of “cracker jack” to the frame for a truly creative touch to any sports room or den. On the other end, adding a wedding photo to shadow box and pairing it with leftover pieces from the favors or centerpieces will give you a small reminder of your special day on a daily basis. By placing photos into shadow boxes, you’ll be able to personalize them more than ever.

2. If you have a large space to fill, a great idea is to invest in a series of portraits of your family. Many portrait studios offer packages where a group shot of the family can be taken, along with individual pictures of the kids and sometimes even pets! By picking out coordinating frames, you can space the photos out evenly on your wall and take up the space that would have been filled with one large painting. Instantly, your family room has truly become a “family” friendly space. You’ll achieve that customized look that you would never have been able to achieve with a painting.

3. For many families with children, your child may have achieved some goals in their high school or college career that are certainly worth bragging about. Whether they’re clippings from the local newspaper, highlights out of the school paper, or even letters of acceptance or recognition – pull them out of your “to be scrapbooked” pile and get them into a frame. Making a collage out of these items for each child, adding photographs, matting them, and then framing them can make beautiful additions to a family room or living room. They’ll truly become pieces that will last throughout your child’s lifetime. Having “artwork” like this that is truly customized to your family will add interesting, and truly unique, detail to your home.

4. If it’s young children you have running around your home, you can let them create pieces now that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime. A great project that makes a beautiful accent piece to a family room or even a bedroom is getting a small white solid canvas board at any craft store and some black acrylic paint. Have your child dip their hands in the paint and place their handprints onto the board. The contrast of the black against white will make a beautiful, bold piece and you’ll be allowing your child to put their personalized touch on a room. Although you may have their crayon artwork on the fridge in the kitchen, giving them a structured project for a room like the family room will leave you with a subtle, but charming, piece. Anytime you can involve your kids in the home decorating process, it’s a great idea to take advantage. As mentioned before – personal pieces like these will be able to be cherished for years to come.

5. Finally, getting some favorite photographs blown up and framed can turn into a great investment piece for your home. If you’re worried about adding a bright, colorful photo to a neutral room – ask for them to print your photo in black and white or a sepia tone (choose sepia for a room with mostly browns and warmer colors). You won’t have to worry about the colors in the photo clashing with your room’s décor and you’ll be able to see one of your favorite shots on a daily basis. Truly a personalized detail for your home.

So before you take out a loan to buy a painting for your family room, take into consideration your other options before going through with it. Wall accents and small details in your home is what gives it its personality and uniqueness. While the artwork is beautiful and well done, photos of your family, mementos from a special day, or custom artwork done by your child will certainly be more of a conversation piece. By creating and hanging these sure-to-be-cherished pieces, you’ll truly be making your home “yours”.


Source by Jonathan Brice

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