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January 20, 2022
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Iron wall candle holders have been around for thousands of years. They date back to medieval times where these wall candle holders were used for lighting the hallways of castles. Today these charming pieces of decorative art are used to add a feeling of warmth and tranquility to the room whose walls adorn them.

In order to install these types of candles, you must first know the circumstances of the room in which these will hang. Since this form of indoor wall lighting will use candles for lighting, you must examine the room to make sure that these wall candles will not be placed on the walls near anything that could possibly catch fire while the candles are burning, such as surrounding art, curtains, coat racks and anything else that could catch fire.

Keep in mind that candles melt and melted wax can get on your walls and floors. To avoid this you may want to have some sort of glass cover around your candle. Glass covers are available in clear frosted or colors of your choice.

Another good idea is to determine how high on the walls you wish to place these holders. If children are a part of your household, you may want to place these holders above the reach of children.

After you know whether you want or don’t want a glass covering your candle and exactly how high you want your holders on your walls, the next thing is to measure each wall for placement. Depending on how many you wish to place on each wall, with a tape measure, measure how high on the wall you want to place them. I suggest that you measure from the floor up the wall and mark the wall at the proper height using a pencil. Go about 12 inches over from your first wall mark and repeat this procedure. Now you have 2 pencil marks on the wall at the same height about 12 inches apart.

Next, measure the width of the wall at the same height you placed the 2 previous height pencil marks and write the width measurement on a piece of paper. Depending on how many of these holders you wish to hang, divide the width of the wall by the number of wall candles you wish to hang. Once you know how far apart each holder will be, then using a tape measure, mark the wall with a pencil dot on each place the holder will hang.

If you are placing iron wall candle holders along the sides of wall art or a wall mirror, then what you need to do is measure how far from the left and right side of the artwork you wish to place each holder. With your measuring tape go to the left and right side of the wall art (or wall mirror) and measure from the edge of the art outward on both sides. Make sure your outward measurements on both sides are identical. Repeat this step over again on both sides, only this time go about 8 inches either above or below your first marks on both sides of your wall art (or wall mirror).

Now using the 2 pencil dots you have on both sides of your wall art, line your tape measure from the floor up the wall using the 2 pencil dots as a guide for a straight line and mark a pencil dot on the wall exactly how high you wish to hang your candle holder. Repeat this procedure on the other side of the wall art and you will have identical spacing for your holders on both sides of the wall art (or wall mirror).

Iron wall candle holders are not light in weight. In order to hang these holders securely you must use what is known as a wall anchor. Remember, never try to hang an iron wall candle holder with a screw directly into drywall or plastered walls. It just won’t hold the weight.

Wall anchors are small devices that are placed into the wall at the exact same place a screw would go to hold up these types of wall candles. By using a wall anchor you will be able to hold heavy objects such as heavy metal sconces securely to the wall without having to worry about the fixture becoming loose from the wall and eventually falling off the wall.

Wall anchors come in different styles and sizes to accommodate different size screws that will screw into it after the anchor has been placed into the wall. My favorite wall anchor for hanging wall mounted candle holders looks like a short stubby plastic screw with a screw hole in the center.

This anchor is easy to install. All you have to do is drill a small hole (about half the diameter of the anchor) where you want to place the screw to hold your candle on the wall. After you have drilled the small hole, all you have to do is screw in the anchor into the small hole you just drilled until it is flush to the wall. Repeat this procedure for all the screws needed to mount your iron wall candle holder. When you have inserted all the anchors needed to mount your wall sconce to the wall, then you simply hold the wall sconce in position over the anchors and proceed to screw your holder up to the wall. It is as simple as that and rest assured that your candle sconce is on the wall securely.

Iron wall candle holders are works of art that come in many different shapes and sizes. They add comfort to the overall feeling of any room in which they are placed on the wall. With a small amount of effort you can add these to several rooms of your home and enjoy a simple but pleasing touch of art passed on down through the centuries.


Source by Joe Tobiasz

January 19, 2022
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Paper Backed Vinyl

Always read manufactures instructions first.

Most D.I.Y people have never hung the wide width vinyl wall coverings, as also a majority of decorators haven’t, and although the process is quite a lot different to hanging normal width domestic vinyl wall coverings, it’s really not that difficult to hang. As for the professional decorator, who has successful experience at hanging domestic width vinyl it should be a breeze for them.

Tools Decorator shires Straight edge Pencil Tape measure Spirit level Snap of Stanley blade Knife (the larger of the 2 options) 2 plastic spatulas 1x 2″ Paint brush 1x 9″roller with short pile long life sleeve 1x bucket and decorator sponge 1x Squeegee mop or sponge Straight edge Slip Knife

1. Work out where you are going to start from and where you are going to finish, allowing for the pattern, (if any) to be lost in the least noticeable corner.

2. When you have planned how you are going to do the job, from your starting point, measure where your first piece is going, and allowing for wastage around a corner, and for this allow about an inch.

3. Now mark where the vinyl will go, and with a spirit level draw a line from near the top to around half way down the wall.

4. That now is where your first drop will go. Now measure away from the line 2″ (5cm) less than the width of the vinyl to allow for the second drop to overlap the first drop by 2″ and repeat all the way around the room, marking off with the spirit level each time, and number each drop in order of hanging.

5. Now you have the room completely marked out and numbered for each drop and a spirit level line to work to for each drop.

6/Now put a dust sheet or a big sheet of hardboard on the floor and roll out the vinyl and cut to the required length including waste, reversing alternate lengths if recommended and number with a soft pencil on the back, at the top.

7. Now you have all the room marked out and numbered, and all your pieces of vinyl cut to length, numbered in sequence, and laying on your dust sheet or hardboard with the backing paper facing upward and number 1 on top.

8. Now with either a hand sponge or preferably a squeegee mop, wet the back of 2-3 pieces of wall covering and roll each one into a tube.

9. Now paste the wall on the section number 1, cutting in with a brush the paste to the ceiling, corner, above the skirting and roll about 6″ past the spirit level mark.

10. Now get the wall covering tube no 1 and unroll onto the wall up to the line using a plastic spatula to spread in a top to bottom motion (not sideways) and trim the vinyl with a Stanley knife, top bottom and corner.

11. After you have trimmed up, then sponge of with clean water any residue adhesive, and towel off the skirting board of any water to prevent water stains on the skirting

12. Now paste wall section no 2 and repeat. At this point you will have an overlapping joint that needs to be spliced together (see joint cutting). Carry on hanging the wall covering like this all the way around the room bearing in mind (joint cutting).

If you plan out the room and mark out, number, all the walls and pieces of vinyl, then hang the wall covering this way, you will find it easy and a quick process to hang a wide paper backed vinyl and achieve good quality results.

Joint Cutting

There is two ways to splice cut the wall covering,

1. A Slip knife or Joint cutting knife (as some retailers call it). This Knife hooks on to both layers of the wall covering and pulls them away from the substrate as it cuts, so that it does not score it. Cut the join with a stanley knife and straight edge from the ceiling to about 3″ down the wall and 1″ from the edge of the top wall covering then hook in the slip knife and cut the rest of the way down the wall till you get to 3″ above skirting and finish off with a Stanley knife and straight edge again. This is my preferred way and gives a great cut once you have mastered and become familiar with this knife.

2. slide a flexible piece of plastic about 1 meter long (available from the wall covering company) that you place under the join and then cut through both pieces of covering 1″ from the edge, all the way down with a Stanley knife and straight edge and sliding the plastic down as well to protect the substrate behind.

That is the way i would hang paper backed vinyl, as for the fabric and hessian backed vinyls you hang in exactly then same way apart from a couple of differences, just hang as described above but bearing these variations in mind.

Fabric backed Vinyl,

Hang exactly as paper backed vinyl above except, there is no need to dampen the back of the vinyl, just roll into tubes and stick onto the wet pasted wall.

Always read manufactures instructions first

Hessian backed Vinyl,

Hang exactly as paper backed vinyl above except, there is no need to dampen the back of the paper, just roll into tubes and stick onto the wet pasted wall, and when it comes to the joint cutting leave joints as long as possible to cut, wait for the under piece of vinyl of the join to start setting to the wall, and just as it does then pull it up and cut your join as described, and if needed paste a bit more addhesive under the join.

On site where the heating may not be good this can take most of the day, if the join is cut to early it can result in the joint shrinking when fully dried out.

ALWAYS read the manufactures instructions first

Hope these painting tips come in handy

steve at interior paint decorating


Source by Steve Field

January 17, 2022
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If you love the look of beautiful fireplace screens but do not have a fireplace in your home, why not consider using one as wall art? These beautiful fireplace accessories are available in many unique styles, many of which can be adapted easily to serve as wall decorations instead of fireplace protection. Here are some decorating tips you can use to transform a simple fireplace screen into a stunning piece of wall art.

Choosing a Fireplace Screen

There are so many different styles of such screens available that it might seem difficult to choose the perfect one for your wall. If your home features a rustic style of decorating, an iron fireplace screen could be quite complementary. Iron screens can also be used to add a traditionally authentic touch to a Tuscan decorating style. Brass and copper screens can also work beautifully as wall décor. Antique screens often work especially well, because they are usually crafted in a very ornate style.

However, they are also usually quite heavy, so be sure to provide them with adequate support when hung upon the wall. Even glass fireplace screens can work well when displayed as wall art. In fact, glass screens also adapt quite nicely when used in front of windows to add a decorative touch, especially if the screen includes stained glass features. Glass screens also look nice when displayed on the wall with a mirror mounted behind them.

Transforming a Fireplace Screen

When you first look at a fireplace screen, you might not immediately see it as wall art. But, once you remove the legs, you’ll begin to see that what you really have is a flat panel that in many ways resembles a trellis. Of course, you can always just hang the screen on the wall “as is,” after removing the legs. But, with a few embellishments, you can transform your simple fireplace screen into a truly beautiful piece of wall art.

Decorating Ideas with Fireplace Screens

Mounting a flat mirror on the wall behind the screen will add a very decorative look, whether you are using a glass or a metal screen. Or, mount a metal screen to a piece of wood to create a rustic-looking wall display. Frosted glass, stained glass or various kinds of papers can also be hung behind the screen, accentuating its decorative look. For example, a beautiful black cast iron fireplace screen would look great mounted on a piece of rustic wood, with cast iron hooks hung along each side to add functionality.

Or, add delicate rice paper to the back of an intricately designed copper or brass screen for a vintage look. In a Tuscan styled room, choose an iron screen with a trellis design that will blend nicely with the overall natural look. Hang a few wall planters beneath the screen, and allow ivy or other vine plants to use the metal screen as a trellis. In the kitchen, try framing the screen with terra cotta tiles, after mounting it on the wall. If desired, you could even paint a screen to add extra design pizzazz.


Source by Alyssa Davis

January 17, 2022
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Can you imagine a life without the existence of clocks? Probably not, as every single activity in a human’s life is counting on the direction of time. Not only as a keeper of time, but wall clocks might also be an affordable way to increase the architectural esthetic of your home decor.

From antique wall clock to modern timepieces, various designs with stylish frames, unique layouts, sizes, and colours are available that will attract your eyes. Here are a few stunning designs of wall clock online that will glam up the walls of the rooms.

Wall Clocks with Wooden Accent Emanate a Timeless Impression

Nothing comes in comparison to the wooden design crafts that bring an unparalleled charm and warmth to the house. With other home decorative items, an oversized and classic wooden clock can be a striking centrepiece in your house.

The first impression is always the ultimate. Decorating your drawing room with modern hanging wall watches crafted with a wooden framework adds a timeless impression and spices up your boring wall. Choose the illustrative wall watches design and enhance the living room decor to reflect your personality.

Wall Watches Framing with Family Pictures

Let’s try something out of the box. You can decorate a wall with wallpapers, stylish wall clock online that match with the family photo frames. You can create it expressively by collaborating your family pictures chronologically; depicting the stages of family growth and role structure can be a magnificent idea.

If you are always ready to explore something new and experimental, this can be fun. Buy wall clock online that goes well with the interiors of the room to make it more meaningful and give a dynamic touch to your walls.

Incorporating Ethnic Designs with modern Wall Watches

Treat your wall clocks as an architectural piece and incorporate your modern timepieces with ethnic home decor. If your house is full of ethnic hand-embroidered decorative items such as cushions, lampshades, and wall arts, pairing it with modern wall watches can be an innovative idea to make your living space attractive.

If you need a unique look for your home decor, definitely rustic metal wall clocks with open gear and mechanical details can be an extraordinary piece of art. You can shop these clocks online in India at an affordable range that gives a perfect ethnic touch to your living room decoration.

Illustrate A Vintage Look with Antique Clock

Styling your contemporary living room with a round shape antique wall clock decorated with large sized Roman numerals gives a vintage touch. The best is not to cover every portion of the wall, large wall watches will complete the allover look of your living space.

In case you want to keep it subtle and simple, place antique or big size vintage wall watches in your living room and add some modern furniture to complete the rest of the decor. Square or round, large or small, you can get varieties of antique wall clock online.

A Wall Dedicated to Just Clocks

You can dedicate a wall to clocks by creating a clock with various types, designs, and shapes of watches in one place. A textured or laminated wall decorated with a modern wall watches design can amplify the attractiveness of the wall.

Choosing a timepiece has become easier for online watches designs available on the web. A wall showing different designs of wall clock gives a chic look that is perfect for a contemporary living room.


Source by Suman S

January 17, 2022
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There are many shades of life and it can be beautifully depicted by the numerous emoticons connected with every felling. The colors and brightness all around demonstrates the vibrant shades of life. The beautiful canvas of life could be easily painted on the different walls of your surroundings. If we flashback the decorative wall ideas down to the past 10 years, we will find that there were no or less contribution of wall decors during that stage of time. Moving ahead with time and advancement, we are now many steps closer of filling the walls with different decorative ideas.

Wall décor is one of the coolest decorative ideas that are ruling the world of interior designing and people are becoming curious to add them in their homes also. Wall décor is a broad umbrella term and it involves the fixation of innovative, colorful pictures or wallpaper on the smooth surface of the walls.

These decorative ideas of wall are becoming the style statement that can give an ultra- modern look to your boring painted walls. Apart from adding decorative stickers to your wall, you can also change the outlook of walls by hanging beautiful antique or modern classy pieces on them. There are many offline as well as online shopping areas from where you can always order a huge variety with wider options, depending upon your need and requirements.

There are many advantages of wall décor. A few of them are summarized as:

1. Adds positivity: The wall décor brings positivity in the ambience. Places that have good wall décor are blessed with bouts of positivity.

2. Add visual treat: The visual outlook of the place is also magnified with the introduction of wall décor. Depending upon the mood and specific interest, one can easily select the appropriate well décor for their place.

3. Gives a premium look: Addition of art work on your wall will give you a fine decorative worth to your place. You can have a premium look of your place with the presence f various wall décor.

4. Makes you unique from others: Wall décor can add spice to your boring walls. You can keep your place outlook different and unique from others with the help of combination of different wall decors.

Types of Wall Décor used commonly:

1. Wall paintings: You can add a different look to your home by making it look more beautiful and unique with the adding of various types of paintings to your wall. You can pick any of the paintings that compliment your wall color or theme.

2. Wall clock: The wall clock is one of the safest ways to add decorative outlook to your place. It always works. You can go for either antique models or contemporary styles, in accordance to your need and preference.

3. Wall Shelves: Wall shelves are the decorative storage places for walls that can help you to add a great outlook to your place. You can utilize these wall shelves for keeping your belongings in a smarter and organized way.

4. Picture frames: Memories captured could be very easily portrayed through pictures. With the help of picture frames, you can easily give your wall décor a perfect look.

SO, if you are planning to renovate and re theme your house walls, get connected to professionals to make it look more vivid and beautiful!


Source by Achal Mehrotra

January 17, 2022
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Bedroom wall decoration is an artistic concept for which you must understand the concepts of diffuse coloring, secularity, glossiness and the effects that various colors bring about into the environment in relation to space. Different textures give a different feel to the surfaces of materials and choosing a good texture could make the difference between a shaded mated look and an unruly lackluster look. In addition to this, one final concept has to be touched upon that is lighting. All these concepts are explained briefly and will give the reader an idea of what materials, colors and textures to choose.

When choosing a color patter for wall decoration, one must keep in mind the contrast color pattern in conjunction with the ambient lighting. Generally a widely accepted color plan is in a light color background such a cream white or ash grey and this is contrasted with dark colors. Those colors can be dark brown or matte black. Now that we have a contrast combination like this, it would be pertinent to place the dark colors in small packets like decoration shelves or painting that have a dull feel to them and have black matted frames. Ambient lighting can be accomplished be placing small halogen bulbs at the back of the painting or decoration pieces housed in their cabinet sections. The textures chosen for this should be as follows. The wall should be painted with a very smooth finish emulsion, wallpapers should be avoided here, and the decoration pieces with their shelves should be dull and matted. They should not be shinny and glittery. Basically their security level should be kept in check.

Bedroom decoration idea is a very interesting topic and certainly not a limited one. This is only limited to ones imagination and can achieve great combination’s which can affect the environment in a completely novel way. The plan for a wall decoration described above is just a single one and probably the most common. Other ideas can definitely change the whole complexion of a room in an entirely new perspective.


Source by Alicia Gail

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